Un peu de fantaisie dans ce monde technique !

Anthony a déniché ça sur le web en cherchant des produits de plongées qui sortent de l’ordinaire. Ici, c’est un projet d’impression sur néoprène par un créateur nommé Diddo.

combinaisons de plongées avec des motifs

Wetsuits are both functional and protective, but why must they all look the same?
Is there some unwritten law that dictates we shed our individuality to blend into the monotone waters? Not to challenge Mother Nature’s art direction but it’s time for a change.

With that in mind, I took up the challenge to create an alternative. With custom inks and unique printing techniques, able to map textures onto the suits to create original designs. The first edition contains four designs: a rusted iron diving suit evoking the days of Jules Verne, the anatomic musculature suit as a homage to the human body, a wet suit which gives the illusion that the wearer has been attacked by a group of hungry sharks, and finally a whale shark patterned suit that celebrates the brilliance and originality of our natural water world.